Organizations today are keen to monitor, determine, and predict trends as well as conversation patterns. That my friends is why tools like Topsy exist. According to, Topsy is designed to mine the collective signal from the social web in real-time. To measure the relative importance of each search result, Topsy examines the links being cited, the description of these links and the influence of each person citing a link. It augments traditional search engines, by finding interesting and relevant information that people are talking about

How does it do that? Through a dataset based exclusively on the conversations taking place. Also, identifying people as distinct from what they talk about, allows Topsy to implement features like Trackback pages. It enables you to see what people are saying about a particular web page. User pages, let you see the links individual people have been talking about.

Identifying tweet originators also allows Topsy to compute the influence of individuals, and rank links in search results based on the influence of people talking about those links. Computing this is essential to filter out spam.


Social media is described as a conversation in a network of people.  It generates a stream of citations for example documents, videos, pictures. Sifting through this means separating the network of people from the things they discuss. What tool is your organization or business using to mine all this information? Is it user friendly and dependable? This by the way is not an ad, or a sales pitch, Topsy is just one tool, in due time I’ shall be letting you know more and more tools that are at your disposal.

Who is saying what, and when, is Topsy’s main objective. Conversations taking place in the past month, week, day or sometimes even hour can be tracked and documented. .Topsy also aims to tell you who the influencers in your community are, so that you know who to engage for campaigns before you roll out. This can go a long way in enriching your social media strategy.  So take notes businesses and organizations.


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