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Now that I have shared with you tips to get retweeted, I trust that you are well on your way to navigating the murky waters of social media. So how pray tell, do you ensure constant sharing and engagement?  The secret is in the words you choose. As an organization, it is your job to understand the peculiar traits of your audience and speak to them in a voice they will respond to.

That said, humans tend to have similar tendencies. Justin Fishaw, a content director explains that some words have more impact than others. These words are, please help, please retweet, please RT, please, retweet, spread and visit. Why? Simple, people love to know what’s happening, and they love to share  what is important to them!

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My earlier article on tips to get retweeted focused on the tips to follow. This one simply focuses on the words to use to capture, nay arrest people’s attention. Remember for twitter, they are please help, please retweet, please RT, please, retweet, spread and visit

So what about Facebook then?  In Facebook, the words to use are like, share or comment. Something I have seen that gets people engaged is the use of images on Facebook. Another tip, is asking people a question, or telling them to like for yes, comment if they don’t agree. The point to note here is, at the end of the day content is king so ensure that whatever you are posting is engaging enough. Then let the conversation take on a life of its own.


More tips for Facebook, is the content catchy? Is it useful? Is it a conversation starter? If you answered yes to those questions, then it will most likely be shared. People share useful or inspiring content. It has to appeal to one or more of their emotions, it has to grab them at once. Also, novelty never gets old, if it’s new, if it’s ‘saucy’, people will share it. All you have to do is ensure that it’s the kind of content that your target audience is looking for. Simplicity goes a long way, remember that when coming up with statuses.

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