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Howdy organizations and business owners, yes, I am talking to you. Twitter can boggle, millions of tweets are sent out every waking moment, that one is hard-pressed to think about how to ensure visibility of content. That my friends is why I decided to come to your rescue, albeit in my own small way.

When armed with tools of the trade, the information is empowerment. Now to the meaty stuff.  Justin Fishaw of social media today provides very simple but useful tips for ensuring that elusive retweet is achieved. Whilst these tips are based on research carried out in the American market, I do believe once you get the gist of it, eureka shall be your reaction! My explanations are solely my own, subjective somewhat so feel free to share your own perspectives.


Tweets sent out between noon and 2pm have the highest retweet rate.

I assume this is because everyone is on a lunch break, thus has time to catch up with what’s happening. Personally though, my timeline is most active before ten am, and after three pm. It’s the opposite with Facebook, very strange.

The best day of the week for retweets is Friday (between noon and 2pm!)

My ‘scholarly’ explanation for this is that people are in the ‘weekend’ mood, and thus are more receptive to sharing information.

Including “Please Retweet” in your tweet has a 51% retweet rate, and “PleaseRT” has a 39% retweet rate.

This one baffled me, I hardly retweet anything that I do not find amusing, educational or at-least helpful to someone else. My two cents, politeness is a great thing, but so is content worth sharing. I will not retweet about a product you are selling, tell me how it will change my life. Give me tips on how to improve my life… you get the drift.

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Choosing not to include either of those phrases yields you a 12% retweet rate (Whoa! I highly encourage you to capitalize on those buzz words!)

Well, see my earlier sentiment. Again, all these pointers are based on an awesome infographic he shared so I do not doubt his expertise on these matters.

Including a link in your tweet increases your retweet rate.
Curiosity killed the cat is a proverbial saying, but one that applies literally to twitterville. If there’s a link, people click on it. Note however, that the link should not lead to another link. That makes people livid. Your tweet should explain what the link is about, and the link should consequently lead to informative content.

Try limit your tweets to 100 characters, because that leaves room for users to RT, @username and leave a comment.

The science behind this is simple; no one likes links that lead to other links. Secondly, if it’s an awesome tweet, I can usually think of at-least five people I want to share it with. So as a business, to ensure that your content is not altered, follow this rule.

Need a retweet

My addition to this list is, the 90/10 rule. Only ten percent of your tweets should be about you directly, ninety percent should be about useful information concerning the industry you operate in, especially D.I.Y tips. That acronym stands for do it yourself. You appear objective, and ‘affable’, when you genuinely want to help people as opposed to selling to them. Always remember on social media sphere, your business is a living breathing entity.

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