Telkom Kenya signs 15-year tower management partnership with Eaton Towers

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Orange Kenya has a great network but limited reach or coverage, making it useless to have in some places. While at Connected Kenya, an MP from Marakwet East pleaded with the Orange Kenya Management to consider covering his constitutes. It is seems Orange heard him, and today Telkom Kenya has announced that it has signed an agreement with Eaton Towers for the management of its passive network infrastructure. The fifteen-year tower management and leasing deal is focused on both the maintenance of existing sites by Eaton Towers and the building of new sites. This will help reduce operating costs and capital expenditure, while improving network coverage and quality, as well as reducing Orange’s overall carbon footprint.


Telkom Kenya will retain ownership of its existing portfolio of over 1,000 towers while Eaton Towers will invest in passive infrastructure upgrades and build new towers to provide Telkom Kenya with improved coverage and network quality. In parallel, the partnership will create a solid platform that will allow Telkom Kenya to focus on developing value-added services such as innovative data offers as well as an enhanced customer care experience.

[pullquote]Eaton Towers is a tower company Based in London. Eaton is a infrastructure–sharing company owning and managing towers across Africa. Eaton is backed by Capital International, one of the largest and most successful investors in emerging markets and by DPI, the specialist African-focused fund.[/pullquote]



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