Uhuru not The President But A Tablet From Ghana

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During the first Eviction party at the Big Brother House, they showed prizes to be won by the Africa voting fans. And one of the prizes listed was Uhuru Tablet.  When it  was shown on tv screen , many Kenyans on Twitter seemed to have no idea about the existence of the tablet.  Uhuru , not the President but the tablet is based on a convertible concept, which is the combination of a tablet and a keyboard docking system.


Uhuru Tablet has taken Ghana’s tablet market by a storm, despite the fact that it was launched recently. Uhuru Tablet is a product of  Rlg Communications Limited  from Ghana. The device runs on Windows 8 and Intel’s Core i5 processor and can be used as a Tablet or a Notebook, which also features a touch operation with fingers or a stylus and has a keyboard dock that comes with it.


It has an Ivy Bridge I5 CPU, 11.6” Touch Screen, a 10 points Capacitive Touch Panel, 4GB RAM, 64GB hard drive, with a Front and back Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI Ports and Micro SD Card Reader.

The device is a combination of a laptop and a tablet and it is possible to detach the tablet from the keypad and used on its own. The Tablet  has a detachable Dock with Secondary battery, a USB port, Microphone, Headphone and DC Jack.

Price: Around Ksh.76000


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