Rockefeller Foundation Announced Digital Jobs Africa Project at Connected Kenya

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Rockefeller Foundation yesterday announced Digital Jobs Africa at the Connected Kenya Summit  . Digital Jobs Africa seeks to impact the lives of 1 million people in Africa through jobs and skills for youth in the ICT sector. It will focus on youth in Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa, continuing over the next 7 years. The Foundation has invested nearly $100 million in Digital Jobs Africa, and plan to leverage significant funds and support from other stakeholders.

The Foundation is building the Digital Jobs Africa based  on two years of the Foundation’s existing work in Impact Sourcing, during which time the Foundation made grants worth USD 6 million, working with different Kenyan partners and grantees committed to creating sustainable employment for Kenyan youth. In total their grantees and partners have created over 800 full and part time jobs for Kenyan youth thus far.

The Foundation will work with partners drawn from the public and private sector and civil society to deliver impact at two levels

  • through job creation that improves the well-being of those employed, their families and communities

  • influencing broader adoption of inclusive business practices that lead to job creation for youth at scale in ICT-enabled sectors



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