Ericsson Application Awards Competition- Apps for City Life

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Ericsson announced the semi-finalists for the annual Ericsson Application Awards with TeamKenya from Kenya, Team Trokxi and Team Nimdee Mobile from Ghana among the semi-finalists. TeamKenya and Trokxi are nominated in the student category and Nimdee mobile is nominated in the company category.

TeamKenya developed an application that makes it easier for electorates to know and interact with political aspirants in their location, to learn more about the laws and topics surrounding electoral processes, get the latest electoral news and also to be informed of the latest electoral events.

Team Trokxi developed an application that provides you with estimated fares to make informed decisions for public transportation. It helps you budget your trips, save money, time and minimize transport-related frauds.

Team Nimdee developed an application that enables African merchants to access bigger markets on the continent and also the global market, while allowing merchants to reach their customers on the same platform.

The three teams from Africa are competing for the first place spot with teams from China, United Kingdom, USA, Romania, Poland, Portugal and Brazil.

The purpose of this year’s theme “Apps for City Life” is to promote innovations towards the Networked Society by connecting people, things and places to empower individuals and society.

The semi-finalist apps will be reviewed by approximately 900 users representing 9 large cities from different parts of the world such as New York, Johannesburg, Sydney, Shanghai.

When this second evaluation phase is concluded, 4 finalist-teams will be selected for the finals. Winning teams will receive €25,000 in prize money in each category.

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