Facebook to Roll out Facebook Home to International Markets Today

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If you are still struggling to understand what Facebook Home is like me, then time has come for you to experience it on your device…well, if you have the right one. Facebook has confirmed that it will roll out Facebook Home today to the International markets outside US.  According to Techcrunch, Facebook VP of mobile engineering Corey Ondrejka confirmed that Facebook Home will begin its international rollout later today.

“Just today we’re going to be opening [Home] up to the rest of the world,” Ondrejka announced. “We launched in the U.S. because we wanted to make sure we could iron out any remaining bugs.”

The right devices for Home in this case are HTC One X/X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II . But there is away to get  Facebook Home working on any device (back door method).

So what is Facebook Home? My early impression is that it will change the unitary way of accessing mobile apps and bring in true multi-tasking. There is a great analysis here by Mark Wilson of fastcodesign.com


If you want to know what the future of mobile looks like, look no further than Chat Heads, the poker-chip-like avatars that drive conversations on Home. Because no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, these heads can peek into the frame, quietly and coolly hanging out until you’re ready for them. And that’s a big change.


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