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Sometime back I wrote an article listing all the Apps and Start-ups starting with the letter M. Call them M-Vitus or M-something.  The reason for doing so then was because I thought they the make the biggest number of Kenyan apps and start-ups but with lame names. Well, that was great but with time I still  got people asking me about great Kenyan apps, the problem is, most of the time I find it hard to remember most of them.

With the above small problem, I was excited when Roger Gichuhi, still a student at Strathmore University, introduced me to his current project StartupKenya.  Startupkenya works in a way that it allow startups to apply for inclusion on the map. The process is simple,  start-ups are required to fill in a form, submit, and if approved, their start-ups would be on the map within 24hrs.

According to Roger:

Startup Kenya is crowd sourced. Any start-up, incubator, accelerator, co-working space or investor can list themselves. This is done by submitting details through a form on the site. The listing will be verified before appearing on the map.

The main aim of the site is to help new investors in the country to easily find  opportunities and follow what others are doing. On top of that Roger want to  connect the tech community as they will know which start-ups are where in Kenya and what they are doing.

At the time of writing this, there were 27 start-ups listed, three accelerators, two incubators and two coworking spaces in Kenya listed. Before leave here check the site out and add your start-up or that of your friend

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Great idea , great site , the next thing which I think need to be sorted out is the money matters?  Call it the business model.  I mean I have seen many start-ups come up and end up dying after a year or two because  the business is not making money. That is  something I would not like to see happen to great new ideas.



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