The new Orange Reverse Charge Call Service

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Orange, has launched ‘NiSort’, a service that enables reverse charge calls within its network.  ‘NiSort’, will enable customers make calls when the calling party’s credit balance is zero. The service will request the call recipient to accept the charges, before completing the call.

Previously, reverse charge calls were possible only as operator-assisted calls and, typically, only on a fixed line network. The introduction of computer-based telephone dialing equipment now makes it possible to initiate a reverse charge call without having to go through an operator.

NiSort will also allow customers to effect a pre set ‘white list’ with a maximum of 10 mobile numbers, whose ‘NiSort’ requests will be accepted automatically.

To access NiSort, an Orange subscriber will simply dial 128 followed by the intended recipient’s mobile number. To follow a voice prompt, a subscriber will dial 127 and listen to the instructions. An Orange subscriber can also dial #123# to access the USSD menu and select the service.

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