Lenovo announces ThinkPad X131e version Chromebook which is ideal for schools

It ‘s true, Chrome OS is a limited operating system, but we must recognize that a fleet applications only on the web (all rigorously tested and approved by Google) and an environment that reduces practically to a browser, it is very difficult if not impossible to “do damage”on a Chromebook. This is a reason that makes them perfect for teaching and Lenovo has already understood that, which announced the imminent arrival of a new ThinkPad branded Chromebook.  This is the ThinkPad X131e which will be available as one of the Netbooks from the Laptops range at Tesco.

Just like Acer, Lenovo also chose to recycle another mini-laptop 11.6″ that already exists in the catalog. In this case it happened to the ThinkPad X131e, with which even now shares the same identical model name. The announcement does not go into details about what’s under the body, but the generic “Intel” mentioned will likely be a Celeron or a Pentium Dual Core Sandy Bridge-derived or maybe Ivy Bridge, already seen in the Acer Chromebook and Samsung.

It has a rugged side that is not so bad and the software and OS are proof of hacking and can also be seen on the deck with a good dose of reinforcements. An abundant rubber bumpers on the outer edges of the screen and a super-resistant zipper should be enough to survive for this habitat school laptop.

Other details released by Lenovo include a 1366 × 768 pixels screen resolution and with a real hard drive for data storage outside from the cloud, although we expected a more conservative approach than the Chromebook from Samsung,

The price, however, will be much less attractive than the other competitors. It is said to be about $ 429 against 200-250 of alternative branded Acer and Samsung. Not bad, because the purchase of the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook will be reserved for purchase in stock by educational institutions, starting from February 26; same month with the release of the Lenovo Helix.

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