Google unveils Election Based Mobile Applications Developed by University Students

Today Google has unveiled 7 Apps built by Kenyan students focusing on the coming General elections . The apps are based on the 5 thematic areas of Civic Education; Party and Politicians; Lifestyle; Resource Monitoring; and the Electoral process. They are designed to reach as many Kenyans as possible, and will help them monitor the elections, closely, locate important resource centers such as polling stations, and report any emergent issues.All the apps are going to be available on . At the same time some of them are already online or on Google Play

Here are the overview of the apps:


Spotlight App is design to provide the real time updates of what is happening on the ground through citizens participation. The main aim is to link Journalists with real time updates of what is happening on the ground from different locations in Kenya.    Application is able to verify the user generated content


Tumbuke is a web and mobile application that acts as an online digital post election violence memorial experienced in Kenya in 2008. The aim of the application is to foster peace in the upcoming elections. It is like documentation of what happened in 2008 .


Jijulishe is an application based on the theme of civil education of voters. It is based on timelines of Key events. Jijulishe app runs on native android.  Among others the app provides :

Breaking down on the constitutions..what the roles of elected official
Leaders roles
Voting Procedures
The election Timelines


Wenyenchi is a mobile application that will also be accessible  on desktop. It highlights the electoral boundaries via Google maps, allows users to view information on the candidates in a given region starting from the county down to the ward. It also allows users to keep track of the results as they are being tallied


Raslimali app is a mapped based application highlighting where resources are in Kenya including: social amenities like school, hospitals banks, Mineral resources. It makes use of open data information populate the map. The essence of the application is to show per capita expenditure of each county

Opinion Yetu

Kenya’s first internet based opinion poll. A lot of questions about this app especially knowing what  Kenyans think about pollsters but I think it is a good start

Haki II…

Is mobile app game meant for users to Play for Piece. It runs on  java and android platforms. Some of the features of the app are:
Messaging system
Quiz Questions
Positive images(what we want ) and Negative images(What we don’t want)


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