MajiRipoti Application wins Nokia Competition

Sources from Nokia indicates that Synacor Consortium,recently won the 2012 Nokia ‘DoGood’ Hackathon competition for its MajiRipoti application.

The MajiRipoti solution is designed to act as a link between the general public and Water Service Providers. The solution allows the Kenyan public to report broken water pipes, sewer pipes and illegal manipulation of the water supply, therefore assisting in the conservation of water and preventing pollution through leaking sewerage.

The new solution will shortly be available to the Kenyan public as a mobile application with GPS to allow tracking, and as an SMS based solution to mobile phones without GPS. The application is designed to run on the Windows Phone Platform.

To encourage more people to use the MajiRipoti application, the company will also introduce a game that involves giving individuals ranks depending on the number of reports they have issued and the number of solved issues they have confirmed. All the ranks earned will be published on both Facebook and Twitter networks.

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