Eleven and A Half Things #KOT Need to Leave Behind in 2012 as We Usher in 2013

Social Media has given people platform to air their views in a way never seen before. It is great , people need to debate issues, learn new things and understand the opposing views.  For those who have watched the growth of Social Media in Kenya , understand how it has evolved with time and now it is basically shaping the news agenda in Kenya. It interesting to note that  there are all shades of people using social media for all sorts of reasons. As we turn the page on the 2012, there things i wish remain behind. You as way KOT new year resolutions.. Here disturbing, some even annoying useless habits of 2012.  Warning…don’t be offended….Out of love

1 Reckless Talks,..The people who shoot first then aim later

Kenya is at a delicate stage with general elections just around the corner. Nothing is wrong with general elections but Kenya is a special case and nothing flame our passion more than Politics mixed with Tribal divisions.. It is one of those thing that elites of the society have taken advantaged of successfully. Despite that the memory of 2008 Post Election violence is not far off and it is the reason that reckless talks should be avoided at all cost in 2013. There are many Kenyans making uncalled statements attacking the other tribes…yeah they are the enemy. I find it funny that some people are so mad at the other tribe more than they are at the Al Shabaab bombing Nairobi every Sunday. Having said all that, the mother of reckless tweet 2012 goes to Prof. Makau Mutua. Whenever I see the prefix Prof, before someone’s name, I always assume that the person is a hub of knowledge. That is why it was a big shock when I saw the following tweet


I don’t get the rationale of such prediction. To start with the Kenyan Armed Forces are considered among the most  professional in the continent. Museveni even called them “career army”. Apart from that going with current setup, the  Armed forces have been under Kabaki for ten years, meaning most top spots are filled with Kabaki loyalists. I don’t see them overthrowing another Kibaki loyalist called Uhuru. Kenya might have problem with ICC and other Donors if Uhurot Coalition wins the election but I believe the Armed Forces will remain Professional as they have been. By the way, it is hard to say who will win the elections at this point  …so sit back and relax. Avoid unproductive reckless tweets.

2. Professional Political Meltdown

Still on Politics,  nothing is entertaining more than the sight of Professional Kenyans pretending not care about Politicians..you know the ones they call Mpigs but become so hysterical about Alliances and missed chances. Many friends I follow  had  a real Meltdown when some politicians made wrong decisions and  joined Kalonzo to be proud co-owners of  the Watermelon Tag.  Not bad sons, but just take a minute to breath. This is the first elections under the new constitution and people were bound to make mistakes.I believe next time people will make their calculations right, at the right time.

3. Stolen

I hate this and it is becoming too common…I bet you have seen a tweet or  Facebook update like the following:

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Stolen.

Ok, instead of writing that it is a quote I got from the Bible , I say “stolen” . Really?  The creative people deserve to be recognized, and if someone say something you think worth sharing with your followers, friends and others, just attribute the quote to him/ her. Please don’t say stolen. The fact you have a space to write stolen and the fact that you have acknowledged that you are not the original source means there is nothing to lose if you say it is from so and so, people will still LMAO, LOL, RTs and HHEHEH. Yes at the end you are still a genius for finding something awesome like that…

4.RTs without reading the article.

Many people are fooled by the title of articles shared on Twitter and they make conclusion instantly without reading them. I always wonder how do people decide that the content of a certain article is good for their  followers without reading it. If you don’t have  time to read it at that moment then the best option is to favorite, and then read it later. After which you can share it with your friends and followers.

5. Cyber Bullies.

There still many out there and worst than the ones you encountered in high school and play field. To the young ones on this street be strong and continue giving your opinions. Mind them not

6. The Language – Xaxa

Xaxa xowy….Ok. Now why would one exchange x and s on any word.. If it was about shortening the words like Stephen to Stevo , I would understand. So what happen with words which has letter x, does it automatically become s? Seriously   ,this xaxa business is beyond my pay-grade and let it remain behind

7. Only you…all others are shallow

I have seen it many times. You read the last tweet without background of the conversation and all of sudden you are the King Solomon, Mr.Know It All. Worst still you just dive in accusing the others of being shallow and not understanding.  .Common guys, take time to understand the other point of view. If you were to interject in a conversation make sure you really understand what people are  talking about. I am not saying it is bad  to be part of any conversation, actually I am encouraging that but if you were to dispute what the others are saying, have your facts on your finger tips. And they better be the right facts.

8. Irrationality

I have seen normal conversation on Twitter, in the form a debate degenerate to name callings, sometime even between friends. I know it is a competitive world and everyone wants to be the winner but sometime you don’t have to be. You may just win by losing . Remember this:

“The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway”

9. Every every tweet is a Subaru

A guy criticize his dog in his  house and your first reaction is to catch feelings. Not every tweet is a subaru . People tweet for a number of reasons and every tweet has some sort of background. But even if it is a subaru, one thing will always be there, every individual has an opinion on every topic under the sun. The question is, do they have the rights to say it, if yes then move on

10.  We love the US of A

I was surprised at the number of Kenyans who had solid opinions and outraged at the gun shooting in US. I follow most of those TLs to see their views on the people being killed in Kenya, through bombs and grenade. Unfortunately, some of them are very quiet when comes to Kenya… It made me wonder mmmh….mmmh. Anyway what happened in US  was sad and I felt for those innocent kids

11. Plastic Fashionable Political support.

Ok..so once upon a time Martha Karua used to be the darling of the Social Media. If election were called at the time and done exclusively online she would have won by landslide…or so you may think. Then from nowhere people  got tired of her and now it is Peter Keneth.  First what happened with Martha Karua, and why did she lose the support of the vocal KOT?  In Football we call them plastic fans, they are there as long as there is that feel good factor and take off at any signs of weakness.  Yes, now it is fashionable online to say that you support Peter Keneth even though there is noway you will vote for him.  I know you probably asking yourself  how do I know.Hard one to say exactly but the right answer will come on the election day….watch the votes

12. Never that Serious….

Yes, it is never that serious…it is just a virtual social gathering place


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