Chipuka: – ICT Board Trying To Weed Out Useless Developers

According to information from ICT Board  Chipuka, the Software Certification Program developed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University  is at advanced stage with many people showing interest . ICT Board has the opinion that there are so many useless developers in Kenya, masquerading as the best ever and therefore the need to weed them out . The program consists of an authentic examination that tests an individual’s ability to perform tasks that developers routinely encounter on the job, with test takers expected to write, compile, debug and test real software to demonstrate their abilities in an exam setting.

The exam is expected to provide Kenya with details of the ability of a number of developers, with the pilot exam expected to be ready by March 2013 and the certification fully operational in Kenya by October 2013.

So the Question is it necessary? My opinion is Kenya has many smart developers and that is why they win almost every competition they enter into. The problem is not so much to do with coding or software development skills but with Business Management. If there is any training being talked about, it should be on how to manage Start-ups. On top of that people should also understand how to interact with the investors, and especially the clients.

If you are a developer, please share your views and whether you will take the exams?


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