Kenyan Tough Jungle App wins Appstar Challenge Regional Finals

Another great moment for Kenyan developers as the Appstar challenge Kenyan finalists Gerald Kibugi and Gilbert Rono reigned supreme in South Africa taking the first two positions. They beat finalists from South Africa, Lesotho, Egypt and Tanzania and in the process taking home USD 25000 and USD 15000 respectively in prize money. At the third place was a South African App from SK Theatre group that allows users to book movies anytime anywhere.

Tough Jungle which won Safaricom Nairobi completion, proved that it is an app to watch in the coming months and years.

Game (Tough Jungle) – Gerald Kibugi. Overall Winner, Appstar Award USD 25000 

Creative and original Kenyan game that is easy to play and navigate through, tough jungle contains different levels of play which are revealed after successful navigation of one level. As a Maasai warrior you have to navigate through the different levels of tough jungles.

Gerald Kibugi – Tough Jungle

Education (Eureka) – Runner Up Gilbert Rono USD 15000

An application for those that love solving mathematical problems is now at your fingertips. A simple and intuitive application that assists in calculating mathematical and arithmetic problems, EUREKA not only provides the solution but also displays a step by step approach to the problem assisting you in better understanding the problem. EUREKA can be used to calculate anything from simple math to complex algorithm functions.

Gilbert Rono- Eureka

Gilbert is a first year student at JKUAT studying Computer Science and Mathematics

Other Apps

Name of the App Description Country
EgySmartTrans Smart transport system to provide commuters with useful information on traffic, directions, points of interest etc. Egypt
Yadget A social application for attaching digital content on objects and places in the real world – Has a twitter like tagging feature Egypt
LesWeather A weather information application with location information for the Lesotho market Lesotho
Ster-Kinekor Theatres Book movies any time anywhere – for the SK Theatre group in South Africa South Africa
Rithmetic Fun yet effective Math learning app for children with several gamification elements built in South Africa
Farming Instructor Farming Instructor is an Android mobile app that provides offline and online Agricultural Information and speeches to the farmers. Tanzania
Fish Game You play as a shark and you have to get points by eating smaller fish and you have to avoid getting hit by obstacles such as harpoons coming at you. It is an Android touch based game so you control the shark by touching the screen Tanzania


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