Bad News- InMobi is Pulling out of Africa

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Multi-national mobile ad network InMobi is set to close up its operations in Africa and Russia. InMobi has been quoted by Memeburn as admitting  that it would be closing the offices, but said that it would continue servicing the affected markets. All the staff in the African office will either face retrenchment or have to move to London.

Like all successful and growing businesses, we routinely review our business to determine how to optimally serve our customers. We are changing the way we service the Africa and Russia markets. InMobi will continue to service any markets affected by these changes through centralised sales teams located in our regional centres.

InMobi has almost five years’ experience managing mobile advertising campaigns in developed and emerging markets we have confidence that there will be no noticeable change in our ability to service customers in any of these markets.

InMobi is committed to servicing the global mobile advertising industry as it has always done. We are currently meeting with all of the employees impacted by these changes to identify any potential redeployment options if at all possible.

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