Did Zuku Quietly Drop Reconnection Fee Charges?

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It seems Zuku has quietly removed the reconnection fee threat to its subscribers for the late payment. Back on August Zuku did what they were calling  realignment of their services but at the same time introduced reconnection fee. We blogged about it here and  below  is part of the  email  from the MD Kamande Muiruri which introduced reconnection fee.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce introduction of more convenient and easier to understand Anniversary Billing. As the name implies your billing effective your next subscription renewal shall be on a monthly cycle from the date of sign up and or/payment. All subscription fees will be due in advance of the monthly service cycle. Your invoice will be emailed upon prepayment for the next monthly period of Services. We will henceforth levy a reconnection charge of Kshs 499/- per month for late payments for monthly subscription charges paid after the anniversary billing date.

The customers were not happy and the response then was fast and furious especially on the social Media.

Came September, the  billing notice included Reconnection fee and warning to pay in time.  But with October there is no trace of the reconnection fee on the billing notice

September  Billing Notice Screenshot

October Billing Notice screenshot

At this point I can’t tell whether Zuku dropped the idea outright or they just think that the customers already know about it. But I know most Zuku clients will be happy to know that there is no more reconnection fee.




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