AccessKenya Launches Telepresence Solution in Kenya

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AccessKenya has launched Telepresence in Kenya. The Telepresence Solution is a set of technologies that allows a person to feel as if they were present in a meeting room when conducting a virtual meeting via video conferencing. It gives the appearance of presence hence creating a more ‘real’ experience for users

So how is Telepresence different from the normal video conferencing?  Video conferencing  is a general term use to  describe all types of video based communication. Be it video chat between two or more people from laptops, video call between two smart phones, or even audio conferencing. Then came Telepresence,  I would say Telepresence picks up where video conferencing left off.  Telepresence has given the video conferencing a new feel and  meaning . It is possible for  a Doctor in Nairobi to treat a patient in Kisumu through Telepresence. It is possible to have a board meeting of people in different continent and feel like you are all in the same room.

Cost and time Saving

Telepresence is the real deal when comes to cost and time saving for any business. And is great to see that the local business can now take advantage of telepresence through AccessKenya

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