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Google has  launched Google Search in Somali.  Although the fighting continues with KDF promising to take over Kismayu soon, I have a feeling that Somali will be  a stable country very soon:  Here is Mahboob article on Techweez on how to go about it

To switch to Google Search in Somali, do the following:

  • For Somali speakers in Somalia, Ethipia and Djibouti use your country specific domains, i.e. www.google.so/ for Somalia, www.google.com.et/ for Ethiopia and http://www.google.dj/ for Djibouti.
  • For speakers of the Somali language in other regions, use the 3 easy steps below:
  1. Visit www.google.com/preferences and select languages. (Alternatively via your country domain, for example for users in Kenya, www.google.co.ke/preferences )
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