Apple designed vector Based Map is Crap – Nairobi Map compared on Google Android Maps and iOS6 Maps

The whole day I have been reading on how the Apple new Maps is a big crap from the iPhone users. I did not bother until I went to Safaricom for the Presentation of IBM Research on how to improve Creative industry in Kenya. There I met one Ahmed Salim and the discussion quickly turn to the new iOS and how it is much better. First we go to the map, and I put the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Google Map side by¬† side¬† with Ahmed’s iPhone with the latest updates.

Google Maps pinpoint and name exactly where we are, “Safaricom House” while Apple map just show a dot in the middle¬† of what is shown as Nairobi¬† map. At least the Waiyaki way is named but you can’t tell exactly where you are.

Ok, the roads are named on the iOS maps but some roads are missing and others are badly named:


Below Comparing the Nairobi Map in general.. the screenshots from the Satellite view:

iOS6 Nairobi Map


Android Google Nairobi Map

According to the iOS update, the Maps which is among 200 new feature including the following on the Maps:

  • Show the user Turn by turn navigation with spoken directons on iPhone 5, Iphone 4S, iPad Wi-FI.
  • Flyover for photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of major metropolitan areas on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad( 3rd generation and iPod touch(5th generation)

I have no idea why Apple dropped Google map but this could be the turning point for the mobile industry as the users get frustrated with the Apple maps on iOS6. Apple have had an army of the consumer advocates (Apple fanboys) and in every turn they have defended  Apple products despite the fact that in some aspect iOS and Apple devices have been lagging behind  Android and even Windows phone.

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