When Caroline Mutoko and the likes Copy Paste from NumbSkulls

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After  POWO training last month when I had a chance to be one of the trainers, I wrote this post Generating Traffic to a blog/site and Maintaining Readership but there is part which I forgot to mention on the post ” Creating Content is Hard”. The fact is, creating content in general  is not as hard as I had put it but  creating exciting quality content is very hard.   We have seen how at the moment everyone is  struggling to come up with great content to attract the traffic and maintain the readership. Unfortunately, some are going on it in unethical way, what the smart ones call plagiarism.  In the race to look more smart, more creative and more thoughtful a number of Kenyan journalists and journos wannabe have taken a route of “copy paste and call it mine”

Recently the  cases of journalists stealing the content from bloggers is becoming a daily thing. The latest being the sworn enemy of the Facebook and Twitter numbskulls Caroline Mutoko. On Monday 3rd September 20012 Ms. Mutoko wrote a great article or so all we thought, titled “Letter To My 20-Something Self”. What many did not know is that back on Monday 17th October 2011  a blogger on crunkfeministcollective.wordpress.com sat down and wrote this 20 Things I Want To Say To My Twenty something Self.   After reading the two , you are  left to wonder what will happen next to her , or will the Star newspaper take  action or feel embarrassed. In other parts of the World, you would have expected her to be fired, suspended or resign but here..well here unfortunately probably nothing will happen!  And I bet the other journalists will never talk about it..

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Caroline Mutoko is not alone in the copy and paste game:

HumanIPO for example have had a few cases of copy pasting..first from Wanjiku’s blog Wanjiku.co.ke and then from article written by Franklin Sunday on Business Daily

A day before Mutoko’s case was discovered by RobertAlai, Buddha Blaze (@Itsbughblaze) had his fair share of fight with Vibeweekly on twitter for copying his article word for word.

Vibeweekly article was later deleted or removed from the site

As you can see it is becoming a disease in the media sector and something need to be done especially with the Media owners. Bloggers also need to take note. I know many a times as bloggers find interesting things in the interweb which they need to share , and doing so is not a problem but just indicate the source. The art of sharing is being done world over and people can look at the same from the blogging heavy weights like Guy Kawasaki 

With the internet Kenyan journalists and others  should realize that you can no-longer copy paste without being noticed, especially if you rank as among the famous one.People tend to trust the journalists and media at large to report the news and provide the analysis to the topical issues and events around them.It would be sad if people start to lose that trust on the media and the media houses.

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The problem does not end with media and media houses. Anybody who have ever stepped in our Universities and colleges would understand what I am talking about. Majority of projects and research done by universities students are copy pasted and not original work. Internet has provided  an easier route to doing that. It is the same reason why there are many research work being done by the students in our universities but you will never hear of them being published or  talked about  in the same level we see from the other countries.



It seems Star has taken down the Mutoko’s post but as they say, internet does not forget.  Here is the screenshot  copy courtesy of cache




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