9 Apps to Help You Track Stolen Android Phones- Must Install in Time

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Today I saw a tweet to @samsungmobileke asking whether they can help recover lost Samsung Android phone. Every day many people lose their phones in Kenya but  many do not take time to plan ahead just in case.  I once read somewhere that “If it’s portable, it’s losable”,

In the Android market there a number of apps that can help you track  the  phone but in most cases you must install the app before hand. Here some of them, I have not tested all , so do it at your own risk plus not listed in particular order.

  1. MobiTracker is Android app that allows the users to successfully track their mobile phones in event of the phone being stolen or lost. It has three versions available on the android market.  MobiTracker is  the main app that will receive the GPS tracking info from the phones being tracked and keep the tracking history.  The other two are MobiTracker LocateMe(Free) or MobiTracker LocateMe Pro(paid). You need to install MobiTracker LocateMe(Free) or MobiTracker LocateMe Pro(paid) on the phones you which to track so that you can track them from this app.
  2. . Antidroidtheft is a free app that allow you to track your android phone . It uses your phone’s built in tracking ability to allow you to locate your phone using the internet and a web browser. Once the application is installed on your phone, you may go to this page to track your phone. You will also receive email updates if someone changes the phone number for the phone.
  3. Where’s My Droid enables you to turn the  ringer up and on full-blast by sending a text, helps you track it down using GPS and can even keep thieves from making certain changes to your device.
  4.  Androidlost with the ability to remote wipe, track , use front and back cameras to remotely take pictures
  5. FoneHome Android app with the ability to remotely take pictures or have your phone place a call on its own.
  6. Seekdroid Not free but awesome you can locate, alert, lock, wipe, and check the last 10 calls along with the current phone number (Just in case someone changes it to their own number). Works great and totally worth it.
  7. AVG AntiVirus lets you lock down your device remotely and helps you find it using Google Maps.
  8. Lookout Security & Antivirus Just like AVGAntiVirus allows you to lock down the device remotely and also it does Web tracking.
  9. Google Latitude ..enable the Google Latitude- it  allows you to go online and see where the phone was last used .
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