Orange Now Offers Free Mobile Phone Access to Wikipedia

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Orange is now offering mobile phone access to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia at no connectivity cost. Any customer with an Orange SIM and mobile internet enabled phone will be able to access Wikipedia through their mobile browser. They can access the Wikipedia encyclopaedia services for as many times as they like at no extra charge as long as they stay within Wikipedia’s pages.

By sponsoring the cost of data for its customers, Orange is supporting the Wikimedia Foundation’s initiative of spreading free knowledge to the billions of people around the world, whose primary opportunity to access the internet is via a mobile device, as the global brand bolsters its image through value added service as its strong differentiators.
Kenya becomes the second country in Africa after Uganda to benefit from this major partnership signed in January between the Orange Group and the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia also plans to enable a functionality soon that will notify users when they log on to the paid up pages.
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