3G Wi-Fi modem by Orange Kenya

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Orange has introduced 3G Wi-Fi modem called  Domino.  Yes, that is how Orange is calling it  and it is  a plug and play device.  On the Orange 3G network, the modem supports up to five users, within a transmitting radius of 20 meters. On top of that  it can be  tethered, ideal  for the user with multiple data enabled devices.

Orange  CEO Mickael Ghossein thinks the new modem will improve the value proposition of Orange to its SME and SoHo market.

This is a sector that contributes close to 20% of the country’s GDP. Orange is therefore obliged to play its role to support this important sector with the provision of varied data connectivity options, dependent on the nature of their business and processes

The Orange user  can purchase the existing prepaid and post paid data bundles or the unlimited data offers to top up the device .The users are also able to earn Ziada points from using the modem . By the way, it comes with parental control features.

The Domino that retails at KSh 9,999 comes with a 2GB data bundle for prepaid customers. The device  is available at Orange shops and partner outlets.

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