98% of People cannot MultiTask- Don’t Confuse distraction with Multitasking

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Did you know that 98% of people in the World can not Multitask? I have heard many people who think they can multitask and especially women but  the research indicates that 98% of people cannot Multitask, and only 2% can. In reality many people confuse distraction with multitasking. According to Mashable

For example, employees who use a computer for work are, on average, distracted every 10.5 minutes. Students who bring their laptops to class aren’t doing much better, since 62% of the web pages that they open during class are completely unrelated to the lecture. And what about the 67% of people who check their email or use a mobile web browser while on a date?

Focusing on more than one thing decreases your productivity by 40% and lowers your IQ by 10 points, according to Harvard Business Review.

What is your opinion on the topic?
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