Mi-Fone Mi400 Review- Dual Sim Card Phone with dedicated Facebook Key

Part of me has been telling me to do more phone reviews, so ready to take the challenge from now onwards. With that  meet Mi-Fone Mi 400. Ok, Mi400 is feature phone which probably will not interest the already existing smartphone users . But why would one even consider getting this phone?

At the price range of  Ksh.4000, the following are some of the good parts:

Dual Sim cards: 

It is no longer a unique feature in any phone, but it gives users an option for carrying around a number of sim cards.  There is a button on the left side of the phone, which allows the user to shift between the two different sim cards, indicated as Sim1 and Sim2.

Dedicated Facebook key-

Although it is 2G phone, you are able to connect to the popular social networking site Facebook  with ease through the use of  Facebook Lite.  On the face of it you might as well confuse this phone as a Facebook phone.

Free Games-

Yes, when you are bored there are a number games on the Mi 400 phone to help you pass on time and they are Free

Pre-installed Facebook, Opera Mini & Yahoo.

Pre-installed Opera mini is awesome.  It is good that this phone comes with pre-installed Opera Mini.  Most of the time I find it hard to download and install opera mini on a new feature phone. The hard part is already done for the users here, great.

  Battery life-

I used it for 4 days without charging…I think that is awesome


If you run out of the storage space, there is provision for  you to add Micro SD Card (up to 5GB)


For 4000, I think the camera is great.. check the pic below , showing some parts of Nairobi:

2G/GSM Connection

If you are not using Facebook Lite, the connection to the other sites is very slow. But again at the given price range, I don’t think there is a need to complain.


If you are out there looking for a basic phone, you may need to try Mi-Fone Mi 400


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