Epson Announced New Printers targeting financial institutions and Embassies in Kenya

Epson has introduced into the Kenyan market  a new range of printers targeting financial institutions, Saccos and Embassies   The range we are talking about are PLQ-22CS and PLQ 22CSM printers. They are tailored for financial institutions and embassies and come with an in-built scanner . The printers can also be used by embassies to print visas on passports and other specialised banking documents.

The printers have in-built high-speed duplex colour scanner . According to Sony, this will  help financial institutions to eliminate the risk of counterfeit cheques by combining the high resolution and high-speed scanner with an application for verifying signatures or detecting counterfeit cheques.

Currently, Epson is focusing on developing the Eastern Africa Region mainly Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan using Kenya as the hub.

Last year Epson introduced PLQ-20 impact printer , which is fast and versatile, with print speeds up to 480 cps, high paper throughput and the ability to handle passbooks and other specialized documents up to 2.6mm thick. It also features convenient automatic forms alignment and automatic print gap adjustment to ensure fast, trouble-free printing of passbooks and other specialized banking documents.

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