Samsung is out to completely Dominate Kenyan Consumer Electronics Market

Samsung is stepping up its effort to totally dominate Kenyan market by showcasing a number different consumer electronics products which they  say are designed by African consumer in mind. Some of the  key features of the products  are SurgeSafe+ for humidity, energy efficiency and lightening protection, as well as Free Satellite TV.

Meet Samsung’s new  guiding philosophy“Built for Africa – Inspire the Future”. Through this Samsung is hoping to  expand its African market and deliver connectivity and content across multiple devices – from TVs, mobile phones, tablets, Notebook PCs, cameras and  home appliances.

Some of the Premium products being rolled out at the moment are  SMART LED TVs, wireless audio docks and smart sound enhanced home entertainment systems to specifically meet the lifestyle needs of consumers.

 Here are the comments of Samsung Electronics East Africa General Manager, Allan Oyier  on the company’s strategy:

Smart LED TVs will re-define the way in which consumers manage their home entertainment experience. The new TVs encompass an intuitive platform based on motion control, voice control, and face recognition command. They also have provision for the user to share photos, memories and memos with family from the TV to the cloud to smart devices. You can also manage your own health directly from the TV, and even access educational content for kids

This year we will continue to maintain growth in key regions, targeting growth of 100% in West, East and Southern Africa. Over the next 3 – 4 years this growth will be underpinned by a focus on 3 key premises; Built for Africa research and development, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) partnerships as well as supported by key CSR initiatives and of course, growing and strengthening our partner network across Africa to reach our core mission – to inspire the future of Africa

In order to increase our market penetration as well as guarantee long term growth of our dealers and distributors, we believe it is imperative to provide training and the correct tools for our sales channels. This will go a long way into  increasing Samsung’s retail presence, with more branded shops, mobile plazas and service centers, thus inspire a sustainable future for both our partners and ourselves,

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