Essar Group denies Reported plan to sell but we see a chance for Viettel Entry

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It seems Yu Kenya is denying the report that Essar Group are about to sell the 72% Controlling stake in Yu Mobile.

Personally I did not expect them to say that the reported “about to sell story  is true” , so that is perfectly ok. Moving forward, this could open the way for the fifth Mobile network operator ,Viettel, a Vietnamese mobile operator which announced its intention to enter Kenyan market recently, to do so through already established route “Yu Mobile” .  Instead of starting from the scratch Viettel could as well take over  the existing 2,554,258 mobile subscribers already in the pocket of Yu Mobile.

Here are some of info about  Viettel:

Viettel Group is a Vietnamese major mobile network operator headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence. Operated in 2004 as a GSM launcher, Viettel Mobile is the fourth network in Vietnam (after Mobifone, Vinaphone and S-Fone) and currently the biggest telecommunications provider, contributing 40.37% to the total mobile communication market ( followed by MobiFone (27.95%) and Vinaphone (22.98%)and 3% of S-Fone).


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