Wananchi Group through Zuku are Out To Con their Customers with Dubious Reconnection Fee

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Here we go..Zuku is PLEASED to announce  10% price increase on their  Zuku Triple-Play Services (TV, Internet, Phone) packages.  And that is not all they have introduced  a levy of 499 as a reconnection charges on the prepaid subscriptions per month for late payments. So if you use Zuku internet and you feel like you don’t need it for two days for one reason or another, you will be charged 499 for not using their  services…smh..This is a daylight on your face con

Let start with reconnection fee.. So it is like when you have Safaricom or Orange line and you are using prepaid option, then you are charged for not having credit on your line for a few hours or a few days.   Seriously this more than stupid. Who on earth gave them that outrageous idea?  They now sound like Kenya Power, but even Kenya Power’s actions are understandable when comes to reconnection fee because it applicable to postpaid billing. Kenya Power disconnect users who have used the power without paying in time. After paying the pending bill, they charge for the reconnection. As for Zuku, the payment is meant to last for a period of time (one month) after which the users get disconnected automatically.. I think Prepaid option is meant to offer  customers choice to opt in and out of the system.. It is also give the customers time and space to use the service according to their needs. If a customer does not want to use the service in a given month he should have the freedom to sit out and pay for the period that he/she needs the service.

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For Zuku I have no idea what they are thinking! Here is the part of the email from the MD Kamande Muiruri about the reconnection fee.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce introduction of more convenient and easier to understand Anniversary Billing. As the name implies your billing effective your next subscription renewal shall be on a monthly cycle from the date of sign up and or/payment. All subscription fees will be due in advance of the monthly service cycle. Your invoice will be emailed upon prepayment for the next monthly period of Services. We will henceforth levy a reconnection charge of Kshs 499/- per month for late payments for monthly subscription charges paid after the anniversary billing date.

It simple, Zuku should  rethink this before they lose out completely. By the way someone indicated that they have realized that they are a monopoly and they can do as they want…….Hello Kenya Power, you now have a mate.

As for the pricing I feel cheated by the ISPs… They once upon a time all promised Kenyans that the prices will go down once we have the fiber cables in the country, and many years down the line, they are  increasing the prices instead of reducing.. At the time they talked of just waiting a bit to recoup their investments on the fiber and then life would be much easier for the consumers. Well, 4 years down the line, they are in the mood of increasing instead of decreasing. Yes, Zuku termed the increase in prices AMAZING on the email

You are currently on Internet  only – 4 Mbps at a monthly subscription of Kshs 1,999/=. With a ten per cent (10%) increase you will pay Kshs 2,199/=. For Kshs 2,000/- more, you could change your subscription to Premium / R8 at only Kshs 3,999/= and enjoy double Internet speeds, 87 TV channels and phone with free Zuku to Zuku calls with affordable local and international calling rates. Zuku Amazing!

There you go, you esteemed customers should be proud to do business with PLEASED  Zuku  for the AMAZING  increase in prices and a new reconnection fee.

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