The man of  the moment or the man on the run  Mr. Miguna Miguna left for Canada after causing a real storm in Kenya. Former Grand Coalition advisor to Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dominated the headlines of all the dailies for more than a week now after releasing his book with wild allegations about his former boss Raila and his ODM team. It has been interesting to watch the  reactions to the book from Kenyans online and in particular Kenyans on Twitter #KOT and Facebook.  Here are some of the views:

Is Miguna’s issue a sideshow?

There those who think Miguna Miguna book is  a sideshow and a distraction from the main issues affecting Kenya and Kenyans.


  • Dennis Kioko ?@denniskioko:  Miguna Miguna to receive President’s commendation for diversionary tactics which have freed the government of the Kabuga saga.
Miguna’s ego getting on the way of his message…
For real the guy have an ego, which can not fit in any normal human being or known container. Here is one to think of
Verified ?@njiiru Miguna Miguna‘s ego had to be carried in a separate cargo plane.
It does not make difference to RailaManiacs and Railaphobics
Back to the words of the late  former Vice President Wamalwa Kijana who said that many  Kenyans either suffer from Raila mania or Raila phobia. Those who adore him do so with a passion just like those who hate him. Follow the current Miguna Miguna discussion and you get the same kind of
Philip Lutta:  On the flipside, if Miguna’s book had heaped praise on Raila Odinga, the reactions elicited would be complete opposite to what we’ve heard. To Railamaniacs Miguna would not be ‘psychotic’ as is now but would be feted as a hero whose memoirs would forever live in their hearts. To PNU mandarins, wiper, URP & other railaphobics Miguna would be cast as just another ne’er do well court poet and sycophant. True enough, there’s nothing good or bad; it’s thinking which makes it so.
@kahdahdee: As much as i hate Raila,Miguna miguna #GetA life
 Miguna is a hero in the league of John Githongo
Then there those who think that Miguna Miguna has done a great job, a whistle blower that should be considered in the same level as one Mr. John Githongo:
  •  Ephraim Njega : The bottom-line of Miguna and Githongo’s books is that the King’s court will no longer be a an unfettered bottomless den of corruption and a theater for open and shameless display of impunity. Future Kenyan presidents will now walk the straight and narrow path or risk being unmasked and thoroughly ashamed when their closets are thrust open and the skeletons therein displayed to all and sundry
Jilted lover ..Cry Baby cry
Miguna  Miguna wrote his book after being fired by Raila making his allegations suspect in the eyes some people.  Miguna Miguna even took his boss to court to fight his suspension but lost the case..
  • Baldwin IV ?@roomthinker : Miguna (Mee-goon-a) [verb] – Seak bitterly of an ex love after an acrimonious breakup. Example: Philip Moi was Migunad by his ex wife
  • ZM ?@UrbaneKenyanMigunaMiguna should be charged for aiding corruption. He should have voiced his allegations as they happened. Not on falling out
  • Zosi ?@Switcheeks : Miguna Miguna always sounds like a jilted lover who never got over the magic stick..and is mad that he still loves it..eish!
Which other book is that expensive?
Huh the cost of the book is way up and then somebody has sambazad the pdf online. Trouble
  • @vanderwangwe : Spend 3300 shillings on Miguna Miguna’s book? I didn’t know toilet paper was that expensive.
  • mainat : Ze Miguna Miguna magna opus is one the best books I’ve read. In the last minute. Worth every Zim dollar I spent on it. He’ll b a good singer
Migiuna Miguna is doing just fine
Go easy on the guy he is just a starting fictional writer
Maxwell Ndung’u Wahome : I think people should take it easy on Miguna. The guy is justified to say the ‘truth’. After all, he is just a nutcase trying to start up his fictional writing career and the fact that his name is in everyone’s lips means he is doing a damn good job at that.
Miguna Miguna jokes are the best 
Give it to Kenyans, they are the best :
Check the NTV video on YouTube

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