Safaricom Partner with Starehe Schools to Launch e-Learning System

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Safaricom  has partnered with the Starehe Schools to launch the pilot phase of  e-learning management system called the Safaricom Blackboard . Through 3 Smartboards donated by Intersol Limited to the two Starehe centres, teachers will now be able to record their lessons and store the digital content on the Safaricom Cloud. Students and teachers from any part of the country will then access this material online through the Safaricom Blackboard at a fee.

The  initiative will be officially launched by President Mwai Kibaki  as part of the school’s Founders Day, a day set aside to remember and honour the men who sacrificed their time and resources to start the Starehe Boys Centre in 1959.

The Safaricom Blackboard is aimed at making virtual learning possible in Kenya and to widen the bracket of students with access to a quality education. The Safaricom Blackboard will make use of Safaricom’s data, Safaricom Cloud and MPESA to make it possible for students to access the online lessons.

According to Bob Collymore Safaricom CEO

“The Safaricom Blackboard illustrates the perfect marriage between the current innovative trends in Information and Communication Technology and recent developments in Education to come up with an e-learning Solution that is not only interactive but also fun”

This could help bridging the imbalanced teacher/student ration which currently stands at 1:47  in Kenya

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