The GrowthHub Ready to Invest USD 100,000 pre-committed capital on two Startups in Kenya

GrowthAfrica entered into a partnership with Village Capital to run a program dubbed Village Capital Nairobi program @ The GrowthHub. The Program will run for 20 weeks from August –November 2012 and consist of 6 three-day workshops where the finalists’ businesses are analysed from different angles. Subsequent to each workshop, identified improvements are implemented with the support from several carefully selected, experienced mentors.  The finalists also receive trainings from experts as well as spend time together doing peer reviews that will be useful during the course of the program.

The final day of the last workshop will focus on the selection of the two winners of the programme – the winners will be picked by the participants themselves, who will have the best knowledge of which company is the most investment-worthy. The two winning companies will each receive USD 50,000 in pre-committed capital.

Johnni Kjelsgaard, The Chief Executive at GrowthAfrica said that “It is not a typical business competition, it is very collaborative and the winner is chosen by the participants, which means the participants have to be very strong and “competitive” in the first place.”

The final presentation by the participants will happen in front of a select group of early-stage investors who will also get a chance to invest in the runners-up.

The 12-15 participating enterprises will be selected from an expected pool of over 200 entries, who will go through a rigid selection process. The recruitment process will focus on entrepreneurs who are running enterprises that have measurable social impact, are for profit and post idea stage  in the fields of  mobile/IT, green tech, and those providing  innovative essential services in  (health, water/sanitation & education) industries – and the selection will favour applicants who are in a post-revenue phase or have working proto types.

The deadline for the application is on 30th June…mmmh that is like three days from  today, so if you are interested then do like now

email : or talk to Patricia on  +254 20-2501777/+254 722856038

[pullquote]Village Capital operates programs worldwide for entrepreneurs seeking a positive impact on the world beyond just financial returns. To date, they have launched 13 programs worldwide, serving over 250 enterprises[/pullquote]
[pullquote]GrowthAfrica has over a decade of experience dealing with start-ups and small businesses in East Africa and has facilitated investments, loans and grants worth over 100million DKK and also assisted 70 international companies in identifying opportunities in East Africa. Currently GrowthAfrica also operates The GrowthHub which is the newest entrepreneurial space in Nairobi that works with ambitious and committed entrepreneurs to accelerate and grow their start-ups into profitable and efficient companies through provision of mentorship, trainings, access to capital and potential investors.[/pullquote]


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