Kenya Opendata is dead..RIP

It is been one year of hype and wonders about Kenya open data. It was launched by none other than his Excellency himself, the Commander in Chief of All the Kenyan Arm Forces , MP for Othaya,  President  DR. Emilio Mwai Kibaki. Unfortunately, one year later, the domain which was registered on June 7th  2011 expired on June 7th 2012 and no one realized that until one Martin Gicheru of pointed it out on twitter on 24th of June 2012.

Yeah..I love Government projects, be ready for a rude shock at one point or another if you plug in to them. is registered by Kenic which is an arm of the Government. Even them could not remind ICT Board that the domain expired and went on to suspend it. Perfect. Just in case there is any developer who took the advise from the Government officials to use opedata..poleni sana… By the way if you know any app, system done using open data..please leave a comment with its url.

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