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The last time I wrote about the TwitterBigStick I looked at its effectiveness, and the consensus was it is a great idea but there is a need for some improvement. So today I took  time to look at the companies and individuals who got TwitterBigsticked in the course of the week

Fake Crashed Chopper Picture 

Competition is the name of the game when comes to social media and especially Twitter. The race to be the most retweeted, the most followed, the most trending, the most listed…and the finish line is “massaged ego” .  Unfortunately, some people would do anything to win the popularity contest including faking things. On 10th of June the Country received the sad news that Internal Security Minister Prof. George Saitoti  his deputy Orwa Ojode, bodyguards Sergeant Thomas Murimi and Inspector Joshua Tonkei, Captain Nancy Gituanja who was the pilot and her co-pilot Luke Oyugi have all died on a helicopter crash. Well, someone shamelessly went to stockpile photo archives on the net and started tweeting fake photo as the one for helicopter seen by the eye witnesses.

sunnysunwords : #KOT whoever was planting fake helicopter photos, for shame. Grow up a little and think it through. #TwitterBigStick

More than growing up is needed here… And the worst was to come when a whole news outlet took the same route to print the fake photo on their daily.. I would use the word tabloid but waaw..stupid and unprofessional will do at this moment.. Yes The STAR there comes a time that the nation is more important than selling the papers.. TwitterBigStick

How shameful by the Star. Fake photo for sensationalism over national tragedy #Twitterbigstick. @mediacouncil where are you?

Nyambura_Maina The Star tabloid runs chopper crash photo from shutterstock as eye witness photo #twitterbigstick


Shame on Some Kenyan Drivers

The issue of the bad use of the roads in Kenya is not going a way anytime  soon. Reason being, it is not only the politicians who need to learn good manners in Kenya, majority of road users need to learn manners..

@mumbimungai : Driver of GKA 127Y, shame on you for stepping out of your car too pee smack in the middle of the Waiyaki Way. #twitterbigstick

@AKenyanGirl: Ministry of Labor car GK A142L making a wrong turn at the Valley rd junction from Ralph Bunche Road. #TwitterBigStick. SMH

Most accidents happen on Kenyan roads due to recklessness and people completely ignoring traffic rules.. And where are the law enforcers?

ythera:  @SamGichuru @justusnjoroge Even if the offenders are given a #twitterbigstick and the prosecuting authorities are inactive, it beats logic


Airtel Kenya still Can’t get it

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I said it before that Airtel Kenya is a lost sheep. And the main point was the bad customer service. Customers don’t feel cared for and if that remain the case, don’t expect Kenyans to flock to Airtel regardless how many offers they come up with.

RT @shahparit: @AIRTEL_KE BB services down the whole day yesd #twitterbigstick. Then I call customer care and this is what I get:

  1. Me: good evening, my blackberry services are down the whole day, what is the problem
  2.  Airtel Rep (AR): Blackberry services have been down the whole day and we are looking at it.
  3. Me: But my friend who I am with right now has had them working fine all day
  4. AR: Blackberry services have been down the whole day and we are looking at it.
  5. Me: How come my friend has had then and not me?
  6. AR: But, Blackberry services have been down the whole day and we are looking at it.
  7. Me: Ok explain why my friend has full services and I am sitting with them right now and I don’t?
  8. AR: But, Blackberry services have been down the whole day and we are looking at it.

That is Airtel for you…


Java is Losing it

Of late, the number of people complaining about Java services is increasing at alarming rate..Somebody should wake them up before it is too late

@HMAcharya: Java @JUNCTION terrible service! Waited for 30 mins and nobody bothered to come take our order! Pathetic #TwitterBigStick


Sheria House- The house of Chaos

Have you ever gone to an office and those who are meant to serve you are busy discussing their last weekend escapades or  gossiping or on the phone discussing who will be the next TPF5 winner? Yes, it does happen in the Government offices and I guess some have seen the following before:

Wahedu #twitterbigstick to workers at the company registry @ Sheria hse.They’re busy reading news papers and browsing


Discrimination…gender or color

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You could scratch your head and try to understand why discrimination does  happen in places like US or Europe or Russia but in Kenya where everyone loves everyone .. It is not making sense.. And I did not know that  there are people in Kenya in this day and age who would not answer questions from women based on the fact that they are women..very low indeed:

Samooner  Security guard at Yaya centre back entrance tells me he won’t answer my questions because i’m a woman #twitterbigstick #discrimination


Fire Engines, Fire Fighters and City councils

Do Kenyan local authorities understand how dangerous fire is to the lives of people and their properties .  When Kimathi house caught fire in Nairobi, we saw a situation where the fire  fighters do not know how to operate the fire engine or the machine. It seems Mombasa is not better:

mrmacharia#twitterbigstick to the City Council of Mombasa for not having upto date fire engines. The last operational is KWE 187 and breaksdown


Dstv -Mteja hapatikani kwa sasa

DSTV is making it so hard for  people to enjoy their favorite programs including the on going Euro 2012. Seriously, why list a number on your website if you can not be reached through it?

@StephenAnanda: A very big #TwitterBigStick RT @sunnysunwords: Perhaps someday @DStv_Kenya will make it possible for customers to actually call

RT @KuisanMacharia: Things you can do while waiting for Multichoice to answer your call… 20 minute cardio workout! #twitterbigstick


On the fathers day…Happy Fathers Day

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First I must say happy fathers day to all the good dads out there.. You are heroes. That said fathers need to be fathers and some people are not fit to be called fathers….

The TwitterBigStick goes to the mother who left her kid walk to the bus stop alone at 5.30..but at the same time  you have to wonder where was the father of the same kid?

@CalvinOmari:  early day @mintgraphics! there’s sth wrong with tht parent letin her girls walk to the bus stop to school alone at 5.30!! #twitterbigstick!

Note ..A bit of caution on this, the father might not be there due to other unfortunate fate like death….


You may die waiting at AgaKhan Hospital

I have never been there but I hope the following is not the norm at AgaKhan Hospital

AgaKhan Hospital really!!!!!! 8:55am – 10:50am I’m still waiting to see a doc. U really need to improve on ur services. #twitterbigstick


Spamming the subscribers

I think  the local network operators are completely out of tune with  how their subscribers feel about some things . Spamming is bad and unless there is agreed terms and condition about doing it …the likes of Airtel need to stop. And this is not limited to Airtel alone…Safaricom, Orange and even Yu need to take note

@houseoffoto: @AIRTEL_KE still spamming…why is this happening & what do I need to do to make it stop? #twitterbigstick @sunnysunwords




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