Ugandans on Twitter outraged by Spain Prime Minister’s SMS to Finance Minister..

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Ugandans on Twitter reacted angrily to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy after he reportedly texeted the Finance Minister “We’re the number four power in Europe, Spain is not Uganda”. It is said that he was trying to encourage him to stay strong in securing a bailout package. Let just call it carrying begging bowl..from the high point of power…,

Here is something to think about

Yes Uganda is a poor country and yes Ugandan’s economy will take many years to reach where Spain is at the moment but the interesting fact is that Uganda growth rate has outgrown Spain from early 90’s to date except around the year 2000. That is according to the world Bank data shared by prominent Ugandan blogger TMs Ruge here

People can say anything they want about you Uganda or any other Africa country but the fact at the moment is that most African countries are on positive growth trajectory. A country like Zimbabwe which has seen it all is now predicted to become among the fastest growing economies in the world in the next decade or so.

It is no longer a secret that Angola has been bailing out Portugal from her misery and Uganda having discovered oil could do the same to countries like Spain in the near future..yes #UgandaIsNotSpain


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