StorySpaces Disqualified from Pivot East Competition

Just in is the news that Storyspaces is disqualified from the Pivot East Competition. According the Pivot East blog, they had no idea  how deeply engaged the founder of Kuyu Project which by extension the Founder of StorySpaces was with StorySpaces. Simeon Oriko has been the community Manager of iHub and by extension involved in organizing Pivot East. Clearly there is conflict of interest there…

We knew about Simeon Oriko’s involvement as the founder of Kuyu Project, from which StorySpaces grew out of 2 years ago, but were not aware of how deeply engaged he was until today.  It’s been a side project that he has been growing with colleagues from Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.  At the same time, Simeon has been a core part of the iHub team, which also volunteers our time and resources to make Pivot East happen.  When StorySpaces became a finalist for Pivot East, the organizing team was under the impression that Simeon’s involvement in StorySpaces was minimal and it was being run by others.

And it sounds more like a fall out..Simeon has chosen to move into full time role at StorySpaces

In light of this, the organizing team of Pivot East is disqualifying StorySpaces.  Simeon has chosen to move into a full-time role with StorySpaces, taking what is a clearly great idea to the next level.  He’s still a member of the iHub and we wish him the best, and will help him as he grows the organization


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