Safaricom SDP to be available in A week’s time

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As we have said many times before, Telcos need to do more to help with growth of ICT sector. The good news is Safaricom has announced that their SDP will be available in about one week’s time.  Ok, if you are wondering what SDP (Service Delivery Platform) is the description I got from Wikipedia

In telecommunications, the term Service Delivery Platform (SDP) usually refers to a set of components that provide a services delivery architecture (such as service creation, session control and protocols) for a type of service

SDPs often require integration of telecom and IT capabilities and the creation of services that cross technology and network boundaries. SDPs available today tend to be optimized for the delivery of a service in a given technological or network domain (e.g. web, IMS, IPTV, Mobile TV, etc.). They typically provide environments for service control, creation, and orchestration and execution, as well as abstractions for media control, presence/location, integration, and other low-level communications capabilities. SDPs are applicable to both consumer and business applications.

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