Pivot East 2012 Part2- Mobile Society Category Finalists

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Pivot East regional mobile apps. developer competition which will culminate in a pitching conference on 5th and 6th June 2012. The competition has five categories with each having  finalists pitching to a rich audience of investors, development partners, telecoms operators and other industry players from East Africa and across the globe. Here are the finalists for the Mobile Society Category


An SMS-based study solution for students, teachers, and schools by M-Prep Ltd.  MPrep is a Khan Academy for the bottom of the pyramid. It is a platform that gives students access to quality study materials aligned to local content using ubiquitous mobile devices. They aim at  giving schools access to meaningful data about the students.According to their website  “We believe that even schools that don’t have access to the internet yet deserve quality educational materials too”


This one sounds very familiar. Yeah, launched recently at iHub, eLimu aims at giving Kenyan kids brighter future. eLimu is an ed-tech initiative that is focused on Kenyan Primary School education. They use content correlating to the national curriculum and vamp it up with animations, videos, songs, games and quizzes to make the learning process more interesting, interactive and engaging for students.
StorySpacesis a digital storytelling platform that builds on an age-old African tradition of storytelling. The core element of storytelling connects generations together through binding values that help people identify with, and relate to each other.StorySpaces is designed to give digital storytelling creators and consumers the tools to recreate and re-imagine Africa by deviating from existing storylines and succeeding in establishing a new powerful vision of growth and change across the continent.  I think the art of story telling is declining in African societies and I is great that someone is trying to make this a reality again.. There is an android app here…download now 

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It is great that people are doing things which can easily be forgotten many but very necessary in the society. Mpoultry is a simple technological solution that enables chicken farmers to simply monitor the conditions of the brooder via SMS. It utilizes environmental  sensors and an android device to monitor the temperature, lights and chicken feed inside the brooder. The farmer receives an SMS when his intervention is required. The app is by MLFocus (U) Ltd

SARURA is an SMS application which aims at providing weather updates and agricultural advice by SMS. This application targets rural farmers and enable them to get weather updates in order to prepare the farming season accordingly. On top of the weather updates, the application will provide a short interpretation and advised agricultural action to take.

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