Epson opens Regional Office in Nairobi and intends to launch over 140 new products

Epson known for printers and scanners is making the long overdue entrance to Kenyan market.  Epson is already in the process of establishing an office in Nairobi. The office will act as the hub for Epson’s business operations in the East and Central Africa region. This is part of Epson’s growth strategy which aims at increasing its market share and sales this financial year.

To achieve the envisaged growth, Epson intends to launch over 140 new products with each one of them engineered for business, offer superior after-sale-service and strengthen its distribution network in emerging markets like Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“In our chosen markets on the African continent, we intend to gain market share at a higher rate than market growth by striving to develop and create ground-breaking innovative products at affordable prices for all market segments,” said Mukesh Bector, Regional Manager for Epson East Africa.

The firm will also be targeting the banking, education sector and government to grow its sales.Commenting on the choice of Kenya as a hub for East Africa, Mukesh said the country has evolved with excellent infrastructure and access to the rest of the markets in East Africa.

The company also announced ambitious environmental vision that seeks to reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent across the lifecycle of all products and services by the year 2050. Epson is putting this into practice by helping customers to save materials, paper and energy.



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