Pivot East 2012 Part1: Business and Resource Category Finalists

So Pivot East is around the corner and I have been going through the final list of those who will pitch for their ideas. I will profile each of the app and the speakers in the run up to the event taking place on 5th and 6th of June.
Pivot EastĀ regional mobile apps. developer competition which will culminate in a pitching conference on 5th and 6th June 2012. The competition has five categories with each having Ā finalists pitching to a rich audience of investors, development partners, telecoms operators and other industry players from East Africa and across the globe.Ā  I start with Business and resource management category

Get-it! App

So you are in Kigali and all you want is to have a great time in restaurant get it is for you.

Get it! SMS is an SMS based application that allows restaurant goers to filter restaurants according to their location and cuisine type. Restaurant managers will also use Get it! SMS to advertise to a wider number of people, because it only asks you to possess a mobile phone to know their restaurant.

Get it! Web is a web application that only asks you to put in the type of food you want and where you want it, and lists you all the possible restaurants that can satisfy you. It directs you to your chosen restaurant through its map, tells you what other people think about it through its comments and ratings. Restaurant managers will use this version of Get it! To add more features about their advertisement, in addition to address, they will include pictures, videos and so much more

The app is done by Sailltd.

I like “Get it”. From the look of things,Ā  it is already a functioning product. You can compare it to Eatout in Kenya which is doing pretty well at the moment.

Dairy Sacco App

Dairy Sacco App is a mobile based credit tool modeled on agricultural cooperatives. The tool is most appropriate for cooperatives that provide inputs and merchandise to their members on credit against produce deliveries. The app is done by InfoCentra.

I am not able to find more information about the company or website outside the profile given on the pivot East site. I assume this is still an idea… not bad

SMS Offline and Online virtual Market place

A platform that integrates money transfer and delivery of goods and services, done by Bei Nafuu Ltd. There is Bei Nafuu Enterpreises based in MaralalĀ  and listed online but I don’t think they have any relation with Bei Nafuu Ltd. Beinafuu provides you with a platform to buy or sell online or via mobile phone. They have elaborate website with a number of products already listed.

Easy Order

SMS based ordering and supply chain management application that simplifies the way customers order for goods from manufacturers and distributors. Done by Afrocyber Inc

I like this quote from Easy order website “Take the human element out of order processing let easyorder receive your orders even after office hours” . They also have a mapping module which allows the customers to know the exact locations of where their orders are coming from to help in planned delivery..

SMS Based Health Insurance Members Verification

SMS based ordering and supply chain management application that simplifies the way customers order for goods from manufacturers. Done by Multics Systems Co.Ltd

Not much info about them online apart from what is listed on the Pivot East Website..may be still in the idea stage…


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