Google Translate now allows website owners and visitors to improve translated text

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You probably have used Google Translate, a tool which has the ability to amaze you and frustrate you at the same measure. Sometime the translation is right but the order makes it look like something else….semantics.

Fortunately  Google is aware of that and  has introduced “experimental” plug-in that allows website owners, and even visitors, to customise and improve the translated text from the Google Translate website plug-in.

From Google Blog

So today, we’re launching a new experimental feature (in beta) that lets you customize and improve the way the Website Translator translates your site. Once you add the customization meta tag to a webpage, visitors will see your customized translations whenever they translate the page, even when they use the translation feature in Chrome and Google Toolbar. They’ll also now be able to ‘suggest a better translation‘ when they notice a translation that’s not quite right, and later you can accept and use that suggestion on your site.

To get started:


  1. Add the Website Translator plugin and customization meta tag to your website
  2. Then translate a page into one of 60+ languages using the Website Translator

To tweak a translation:


  1. Hover over a translated sentence to display the original text
  2. Click on ‘Contribute a better translation’
  3. And finally, click on a phrase to choose an automatic alternative translation — or just double-click to edit the translation directly.
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