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When I think of Google, the first thing in my mind is “the know it all”, the giant that gets you what you want from the internet. Then somehow sometime back it started to go a stray with things which I still believe best left for those who are good at them. But I am happy to find out that Google is going to what it does best, get you things you don’t know but  you want . Already rolling in US and later on to the other parts of the World ..  the English Language  Knowledge Graph.

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Search now looks at the words of your query and identifies the things in it. You’re not just searching the Web anymore. You’re searching the world.

Most of Google users’ queries are ambiguous. In the old Google, when you searched for “kings,” Google didn’t know whether you meant actual monarchs, the hockey team, the basketball team or the TV series, so it did its best to show you Web results for all of them.

In the new Google, with the Knowledge Graph online, a new box will come up. You’ll still get the Google results you’re used to, including the box scores for the team Google thinks you’re looking for, but on the right side, a box called “See results about” will show brief descriptions for the Los Angeles Kings, the Sacramento Kings, and the TV series, Kings. If you need to clarify, click the one you’re looking for, and Google will refine your search query for you.

With phone Virtual Assistant like Siri coming up with more exciting option for search, Google just have to do something to stay as the search industry leader. And even that could just be for the moment, the switch button is at the corner..

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