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There has been more than enough talk about Kenya rise on the the World of Information and Technology.  But on the core of everything our technology will never be the best even the region if the country ca not fix Education System. In this case I  am not just talking about the system based on numbers but in terms of the quality of the system and accessibility of the learning materials.  As adults it is funny that now people don’t need to know things in their heads before hand.. just Google it and you are the biggest smart ass around. Unfortunately, Kenyan kids are still slaved to education system that requires them to fill their skulls with thousand thousand useless information which they will never use anywhere in the World.
Just as a reflection I know many people, yours truly included who have been forced at one time or another to learn useless things due to the bogus education system. For example why on earth did I have to learn in my Primary school days who discovered Mount Kenya or even Lake Victoria? Leave a lone the fact that such topics are  irrelevant, it adds to the weight of the books kids need to carry to schools.  The school system is crap and in most cases force students to fill their skulls with nonsense.  Things which are not necessary  for the  future of the country and the people of Kenya.
But here comes technology and all of sudden you realize that a lot can be achieved if there is right vision, right guidance and the right use of technology. That is one thing the ELimu Kenya is trying to achieve. Elimu, winner of the Mobile Web East Africa App developer Competition 2012, was created with the sole purpose of engaging children in their education; making learning fun. Elimu Kenya is working to introducing Elimu Tablets in schools . Elimu tablet was created with the sole purpose of engaging children in their education ..making learning fun.
Great stuff…. and there were many great people at Elimu tablets launch at iHub including ever Present PS. Dr.Bitange Ndemo and Hon. Martha Karua  but I was disappointed that nobody of note from Ministry Education saw it fit to attend the launch. A classic example of the disconnect between the priority of the people in the Government and what  the country really need to move forward.
Elimu Tablets Content
  • Learning revision content of all 6 KCPE subject areas
  • 3D animations to help students grasp complex concepts
  • Games to capture interest and improve cognitive thinking memomry and focus
  • Songs and mnemonic devices to aid retention
  • Quizzes to track progress
  • Examination tips and techniques
Elimu tablets will be rolled out as pilot project starting June. The Elimu education content is accessible through tablets, which Samsung is gladly on board to provide. At least a number of  tablets will be placed in the school libraries and can be  accessed by students/pupils at anytime when they are allowed to access the Library.  Ms. Nivi Mukherjee, the Founder of Elimu talked of starting with two schools in Nairobi, and working with Vision 2030 to come up with 15 years plan.  I like the idea of learning through the tablet, but I still think the country should work on the mix of tablets and phones. There are cheap tablets out there but phones will be a better option in terms of the cost or just say the mix would be better. Samsung Galaxy Mini, Ideos are some of the cheap phones which can be distributed to almost every child in Kenya as a learning tool. With proper system like Elimu , the learning materials can be distributed as applications which can be accessed through the phones and tablets by every kid at any time.
I know this would bring up the question of what is left of the teachers? The technology will never replace teachers, when looked at the proper context technology like Elimu will help teachers deliver the knowledge in more efficient and easier way. Books have existed for years without replacing the teachers, technology will replace books but not teachers.!!
What is your opinion on the topic?
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