8 Topics to Avoid on twitter In Kenya

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I have seen many people complain that the Twitter they joined and how they used to interact back in the days is completely different from the current pathetic state of affairs. Kenyans no longer have that sort of mature debate and discussion on Twitter where people are allowed to disagree to agree.  To avoid being called names, and other twitter nonsense you need to avoid the following:

1. Politics and Specifically Raila

Regardless of what you think of him, mention his name and you are guaranteed to get all sort of response, ranging from the abuse, praise , disdain. There is no middle ground when comes to Raila in Kenya.. You want  your online peace, avoid Kenyan politics and specifically Raila.

2. Sexual preference and Orientation.

Homo sexual, Straight, Bi Sexual or otherwise just keep your opinion to yourself..  The hottest topic ever. You join twitter as an individual, and if you are a celeb, then people troop to follow you, otherwise you have to work hard to gain following.  With more followers you start to have the unwritten responsibility.  It is a fact that  you have no idea what your followers’ belief systems are . It is important to maintain who you are ,but better still to be sensitive to others’ beliefs, and what they are. May be you just need to avoid this ..

3. Religion

One question I have always asked, if there is one God for all of us, then where  are these problems about the religion coming from. I have never understood those who fight defending God, I mean He is all powerful, then why would you need to fight for him to the extent of killing. He simply can do it himself. Yeah..those statements can land me in hot soup..So as usual, you just need to avoid religion topic unless you are sharing Bible or Quran motivational quotes

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4. Personal Matters

I think nobody wants to hear your family problems, or horrible break-ups. Avoid discussing those personal issues. I mean when you start, you might get cheering squad but what they say behind your back thereafter  is just not cool. May be the solution here is to keep it to yourself

5. Race

Ok..ok and Ok.. He is black, he is white, he is brown, does it really matter? The answer to that question is the reason why you should avoid the race topic..Scary

6. Your Opinion on KOT

Ok, Kenyans on Twitter are mmmmh lot but never say that mmmh (your opinion loud). Unfortunately you are also included there so be very careful. One thing I have realized can get you a lot of name callings is giving your personal opinion on what you think Kenyans on twitter should or should not do. You simply can’t win this one..keep off

7. Porn

Yeah yeah majority of the people reading this watch them…silent is gold when comes to this

8.Confidential Info.

If it is confidential it is Confidential..just don’t talk about it. Simple


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