Yes TEAMs is down and it is time for Excuses and excuses from ISPs!!!

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TEAMS is down yet again. According to Teams admin there is a cable cut in the submerged section of the TEAMS cable approximately 5.3 Km from Mombasa Landing Station. So Someone or something has cut the cable and as usual  it will take sometime before it is repaired. And here comes the time for excuses from ISPs..and pain for Kenyans. The better part of the day today, most Kenyans were left on the darkness without internet. The ISPs as usual promise what they can not deliver. Actually the excuse they have had for keeping the prices high is that they have invested heavily on the multiple cables and thus they need time recoup their investment. For a country with  four cables, and using only around  20 Gigabits per second (1Gbps),  there should never be an internet problem in Kenya even for  a minute

  • TEAMS fiber optic cable has capacity of 1.28 Tb/s
  • Seacom fiber optic cable has capacity of 1.28 Tb/s
  • EASSy fiber optic cable has capacity of 4.72 Tb/s
  • LION 2 has capacity of 1.28 Tb/s

Ok, let say that the minute I am talking about is too short.  For those in the know  how long does it take to switch to the alternative cable..or the so called redundancy capacity? Or  may be the right question I should be asking is did these ISPs really made the heavy investments on the different cables for redundancy capacity they keep on talking about?

According to Wikipedia ..

“In engineering, redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually in the case of a backup or fail-safe.

So it is simply like buying Orange and Safaricom data at the same time but using one and switching to the other one in case the one you are using has a problem.. How long does that take?

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