Samsung Galaxy Note Experience- Awesome Business Phone

In the last one month or so I have been using Samsung Galaxy Note..Yes the one that you can’t tell whether it is a phone or a tablet.. I call it phoblet while others call it phablet. ..take your pick .  When  it was Launched, I did talk about its specifications here and I am going to avoid the same here as much as possible. Here is why I love Galaxy Note:


 The real screen
Ok , size in general is an issue with this phone and coming to that in a sec. The 5.3″ display is the largest screen size with smartphone portability which allows you to see everything and do practically what is possible withing the realm of smartphones and tablets.  I think we are  going to see many phone manufacturers coming with more like this in the near future. Until then Galaxy Note is the king…


Size Matters here
 Talking about the size, it is the one aspect that most people have issue with..some of my friends called it Samsung tray which should be used on the restaurant for serving….shame on them. Well, their thinking is based on the whole aspect of using a phone to call, and the fact that  it looks cumbersome to hold next to your ear when calling or receiving a call. Kenyans are complex people, and the number of jokes both good and bad I have got over the phone size are just too many.  But you know what, even the size of the phone is  not that bad.  The high resolution of the Galaxy Note is a big plus and  all the heavy applications like  the browser, email, calendar, messaging, and maps  are all loaded with much more information. Yes, don’t forget you can watch  movies at their full quality and play HD games.


Powerful Performance
The performance is my favorite point of this phone. When Samsung made Galaxy S2, it stood out against all including the mighty latest iPhone. But here comes a phone/tablet which can easily tell S2 to step aside…mmmh not Kenyan Political drama style! The capability of 1.4GHz dual core processor as good as it get on the phone at the moment.  The ease at which you can use things like  Google map to locate a place is just awesome. And wouldn’t believe it, on how  exact and accurate  the phone is on  location tracing.


Mobile and WiFi Internet Connection
HSPA+ 21Mbps perfect connection on Safaricom network and there is indication that it will be great when Kenya finally move to 4G LTE. The web browsing experience is quite fast both on mobile data and via WiFi.  By the way, I managed to power the whole of Etourism East Africa Conference…ok, let me say for like ten people .

Free capturing and creation

Here is something special for the Kenyan artists- the S pen.The ability to freely capture and create ideas anywhere and everywhere. The S Pen is combined with the full touch screen to create a best-in-class mobile input experience. Great but I have to warn you that you have to be very good at this.  Check below the sample art work of   Samsung lady at Juction Mall Premium shop



With the S Pen, you can easily sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Also, the S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Note’s native applications to provide a richer interactive experience.

 Taking Notes

For those used to carrying notebooks for the business meetings, you don’t need them with Galaxy Note. With galaxy Note..Sit back, take the S pen and start writing, awesome.


Here are some of the pics taken from the Galaxy Note camera….tell me what you think?

At the Launch of Intel Ultrabook


Aitec Team with one Lucky winner of iPad during Aitec Conference in Nairobi
Nivi Mukherjee, the Founder of eLimu during MWEA2012



Again, here is one sample video taken and edited by Galaxy Note, during the mLab Wireless Wednesday.

Samsung Kies

Kies is a free feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note and S2 which allows the users to send data back and forth without the use of USB. Perfect way to  connect the Note to any browser-equipped device on the same Wi-Fi network, with a web interface providing access to your media, contacts, messages, calls, and bookmarks.


Most smartphone batteris suck..Ok.. Note lasts multiple days if kept mostly idling, but strenuous activity limits it to just a few hours. I normally gets around 6 hours when fully charged and under constant use


Ksh.70k from the Fonexpress



Samsung Galaxy Note is a great business phone..and I approve this message. Awesome, buy it if you can.


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