#StopCCk- CCK Spending 36.2 million Taxpayers Money To Read Private Emails

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The telecommunications industry regulator, CCK, is in a mission, an evil mission to read Kenyans emails.  According to the story on Businessdaily, CCK, is setting up a system to spy on private emails, citing a rise in cyber security threats since the landing of fiber cables in Kenya three years ago. It is shocking that CCK is out to spend  36.2 million to install Internet traffic monitoring equipment known as the Network Early Warning System (NEWS) to spy on people’s emails.

How is spying on people’s emails going to deal with hacking or other cyber threats in Kenya is beyond my pay grade. Ok, last year  there were  at least 2000 local Web sites hacked or defaced,  including government websites, so people at CCK think that the best people to go after are innocent Kenyan cyber users! SMH

First, I would like to know where the Kenyan networks and ISPs stand on this, after the reported letters from  CCK demanding their co-operation in the installation of the so called NEWS.  According to Lawyer Paul Muite quoted on BusinessDaily, any spying on people’s mails that is not backed by a specific court order will be in violation of Articles 31 and 34 of the Constitution

I am sure the CCK has lawyers who clearly understand that all laws are subject to the Constitution and that any law such as the Kenya Information and Communication Act that contradicts the Constitution is null and void to the extent of that contradiction,

This is unwarranted interference with the citizens’ right to freely communicate which is highly irregular as it amounts to spying on people without having to account for their actions

It is obvious that the Government needs to invest on its own infrastructure to secure Government websites before wasting money going after the wrong people. The Cyber security threats facing Kenya can not be sorted out by going after innocent Kenyans. Actually majority of the hacking cases so far have been carried out by people from outside Kenya. When  103 Government websites were hacked over night, it was done by an Indonesian hacker known as direxer. The hacker is part of an online Indonesian security forum known as Forum Code Security and he took down the websites following tutorials from the forum. He did not communicate with any Kenyan before doing it, so  how is spying on Kenyans emails going to help Government catch direxer?

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When Kenyan Prime Bank, Development Bank and CFC Stanbic Bank Websites were hacked, they were hacked by somebody from Rwanda. Majority of Kenyans knew of the hacking after it was posted in one of the Rwandan’s blogs,  so how is Spying on Kenyans emails going to help Government catch the Rwandese hacker?

Unfortunately,  ITU will fund  30 per cent of the cost of installing the monitoring system…. for heaven sake ,ITU should stop helping  the CCK in their evil mission of  intruding on People’s privacy

And by the way, what  is next after the emails, will the Government go snooping on people’s DMs on Twitter in the name of Cyber Security?



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