Nokia Store Stats and Numbers

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Here is the summary of  a YouTube video by Nokia Developer showing the benefits to developers using Nokia platforms and Nokia Store as a distribution channel according to

  • Nokia Store is available in more than 190 markets
  • Nokia Store is available in 32 languages
  • There are more than 13 million downloads a day from Nokia Store
  • 80% of Nokia Store traffic converts to a download (i.e. each time Nokia Store used, 80% of the time a user downloads at least one app)
  • Operator billing is available with more than 134 operators, in 48 different markets (the biggest network of any app store)
  • If given a choice, between operator billing and a credit card, 88% of users opt for operator billing
  • 65% of revenue [for games] was generated in the top 100 grossing games
  • Offscr makes five time more money from selling ads in its application, than from selling premium apps (i.e. paid apps)

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